Urban backpack for men

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    Urban backpack for men

    The urban backpack for men is now a must-have accessory for your daily life activities. But that wasn’t always the case. It was long shelved and was not really considered as a fashion accessory.

    urban backpack for men


    The use of the backpack sometimes still crystallizes many debates! Between the «pros» backpack and the «antis» backpack, what should we think of its use? We reassure you, you can also remain neutral about this debate! Nevertheless, at Pachamama, we would like to explain you why it does not usually leave people indifferent!


    Original use

    We’ve all already heard someone say, “No thanks, I don’t use backpacks”!  But why be reluctant to this style of luggage?

    Originally because it symbolized a very specific style. Indeed, the backpack, characterized by its practical aspect, was mainly likened to a travel bag or a sports bag. This was not necessarily in adequation with the city dweller who preferred a satchel, more formal to go to work and more elegant to go for a walk. Between the backpack for hiking and the backpack for carrying his sports stuff, there wasn’t much room left for a backpack for an urban use!

    leather backpack


    Moreover, (and to top it all), the backpack has long remained the flagship accessory for young people to go to school. Therefore, it was difficult for an adult to appropriate it to go to the office without discrediting himself with his colleagues.


    The emergence of the urban backpack for men

    But rest assured, times have changed! While retaining these original characteristics, the backpack has reinvented itself to seduce its refractories.

    In recent years, the urban backpack for men has appeared. Indeed, brands have understood the potential of the backpack in an urban environment. Its practical and functional characteristics make it particularly suitable for everyday life in the city. You can put in all your belongings without being encumbered and keep your hands free to call or compost your metro ticket.

    men backpack


    All that was missing was an elegant and refined design to see it definitively appear in the city. That’s why, for some time, more and more brands are developing their version of the men’s urban backpack . Just look at the current collections of the different brands to notice it! You can find for all tastes. Whether it’s a question of material, colour or style, everyone will find its style!

    Moreover, we advise you to consult our article on the criteria to analyze in order to well choose your backpack.


    The backpack : versatile and timeless accessory

    Thus, there are different kinds of luggage to satisfy the needs and desires of everyone in town. The choice of your bag will of course vary depending on your use and lifestyle.

    leather bag


    Nevertheless, today, the backpack has many arguments to establish itself as the ideal companion of your daily life in the city. Versatile and compact, you can use it for multiple activities. Whether it’s to go to the office or for a walk with friends, it will be your best ally!

    For even more versatility, choose it in a robust material like leather and with a larger capacity, so you can use it on your business and personal trips.

    men leather backpack


    At Pachamama, we manufacture urban leather backpacks. Several blogs and media have given their opinion on our vintage style backpacks and seem to like it! We invite you to read the product test of “Comme un camion” and “Verygoodlord” to get an idea:)

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