Discover our DIEGO weekend bag! Our leather weekend bags are handmade in fair trade conditions in Bolivia.

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    With the Pachamama travel bag, we have thought of a special design with practical dimensions for the urban explorers you are.

    Our DIEGO weekend bag has been designed to offer you all the features of a comfortable and functional travel bag. With its capacity of 45L, it will accompany you in your business trips, your weekends in the countryside, and even for your citytrip! It is also compatible as cabin baggage for your air travel.


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    To make our DIEGO models, craftsmen use vegetable tanned leathers of first choice. The leather used is cow leather from Bolivia, renowned for its flexibility and strength.

    The DIEGO model consists of smooth leather and colored velvet leather. Velvet leather is a silky and elegant material whose color varies according to the lighting. Velvet leather is also a very resistant material. For example, it is much more resistant than fabric. Thus, your travel bag will last in time.

    Our leather travel bags are made in Bolivia by our partner craftsmen. As for our backpacks or our bum bags, we manufacture them in a fair trade framework. Our mission is to value the know-how of our craftsmen and to pay them at the height of their talent. So they receive fair and equitable remuneration. It’s about three times the average salary in Bolivia. Moreover, each craftsman is free to work independently from home. So they are masters of their schedules. This allows them to have more freedom on a daily basis and manage their schedule as they wish.

    Through our project, we want to take part in a more ethical fashion and share values of respect and solidarity. This is part of Pachamama’s DNA and is a pillar in the development of our project!


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    The Diego Travel Bag is a mixed bag that is suitable for both men and women. You can easily use it on any occasion.

    The constraint of a woman’s travel bag is sometimes its weight. It must be carried by hand or shoulder with its shoulder strap. It can then be a little too heavy. At Pachamama, we worked on the details of our model so that it was less so.

    First of all, we use solid but light materials. Thus, it ultimately results in a light bag. The leather we use for our weekend bags entirely made in smooth leather is fine and light leather. Similarly for our weekend bags made of velvet leather, this material is very light.

    Besides, our Diego bag is compact. Unlike other travel bags sometimes very imposing, we designed ours with a capacity of 45L. This size is enough to travel two, three days. You can put the necessary things for your getaway but without too much clutter! As a result, your weekend bag remains compact and lightweight.

    Thus, the final weight of our weekend bags is quite acceptable. And unlike other brands, you can easily walk around with your DIEGO model on a daily basis!


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    If you leave for a very short time, you can also bring a backpack. For example, our JOE leather backpack will be perfectly suited if you just leave overnight. You can put your spare things and your toiletry bag. If you want to travel even lighter, you can also consider our GABI backpack.



    Diego is a weekend bag for men and women. Our different variations are both elegant and authentic. The versions entirely composed of smooth leather are more sober and discreet. They will be more suitable for a formal setting such as at work. The models made of smooth leather and velvet leather are more colorful. They will suit those who want to put more originality and fun in their days. In any case, they will harmonize perfectly with your everyday style!


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    If you like leather weekend bags, our models will please you for sure. We have been making leather bags for several years and have gained experience over time in this field. Thus, we design strong and durable bags with materials that will last in time. They are also well thought bags with pockets and other practical aspects very useful. If you want to know more about the technical and functional characteristics of our weekend bags, we invite you to go directly to the product pages. You will find all the information and visuals to fully understand our models.

    Pachamama also makes other models of leather bags such as handbags. If you want to discover the rest of our collection, we give you an appointment directly on our shop!


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