Our leather backpacks are entirely handmade in Bolivia by a workshop labeled Fair Trade. Discover our urban backpacks LOU, LEO, GABI and JOE, and fall for your favorite model!

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    Pachamama backpacks are designed to last and follow you in your daily life. For this, we use quality materials selected directly in Bolivia. Country where we manufacture our products equitably.


    To design our backpacks, we use leather from cattle herds located in the Santa Cruz area. It is a robust and thick leather that holds in time and patinates with elegance. It is also a leather that softens quickly for optimal comfort.

    Pachamama backpacks are mainly composed of this noble and durable material that is leather. It gives the backpacks a retro and trendy look. The leather also gives an elegant style for days at the office.


    Leather backpack


    The leather we use comes from Bolivia. Where our artisan partners are located. Thus, our wish is to operate in short circuit and participate in the local economy. In addition, the leather chosen for the Pachamama backpacks is vegetable tanned and comes from cattle herds dedicated solely to food.

    The leather we select is quality leather. And we chose it for that. Indeed, we want to include the Pachamama project in a dynamic of sustainable and responsible consumption. This means for Pachamama: offer you a leather backpack that will last for many years!


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    Pachamama backpacks consist of smooth leather, velvet leather and aguayo.


    Smooth leather is the classic leather as we know. For some models, it represents the entire backpack. For others, it makes up the base of the backpacks as well as the shoulder straps, front pockets and the main flap. The craftsmen specifically define the brown and black shades for Pachamama backpacks.


    leather backpacks



    The silky velvet leather is the central and colourful part of some Pachamama backpacks. It comes from the outer side of the skin, called flower. The skin is pumped to give it a velvety appearance. This material is called nubuck. Then, the nubuck is dyed to obtain different colors. We thus obtain the different leather backpacks of the Pachamama range!

    It is the sturdy and rigid leather that gives the backpack its shape. Conversely, velvet leather is more flexible. Its flexibility allows it to take more varied positions and be exposed in different ways to light. This characteristic is at the origin of beautiful variations of shades depending on the brightness, which give all their beauty to Pachamama backpacks!

    Nubuck is also very strong. For example, it is a much stronger material than fabric. Durable materials make up your Pachamama leather backpack. You can keep it with you for a long time!


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    We also use aguayo fabric in the manufacture of our products. We discreetly and elegantly place it inside the flaps of our leather backpacks. This fabric is an emblem of Bolivian craftsmanship. Artisans make it from llama wool. It often represents beautiful geometric shapes that harmonize well with our creations.


    We make all our backpacks in partnership with artisans located in La Paz, Bolivia. Each backpack is designed according to fair trade standards. It is important to us to manufacture our products in good conditions and that our craftsmen are well paid.

    To make sure of that, we go twice a year. There is no intermediary between the artisans and us. This proximity allows us to interact directly with them and to be sure that everything is going well. This allows us to know the manufacturing steps of our products in detail. We can then explain exactly our project with complete transparency.


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    Our range of Pachamama backpacks consists of several models in different materials and colors. This allows us to meet all your needs. Our products are primarily urban backpacks that you can use in town to go to work or your other activities. Nevertheless, each model has specific features that set it apart from others, which will allow you to easily choose the chosen one from your heart!