The ideal bag for urban life! With its size and lightness, the OLGA leather tote bag will quickly become your favorite accessory to carry all your belongings, at work or on holiday.

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      leather tote bag    



    Elegant and authentic, the Olga leather bag is entirely handmade in Bolivia by a workshop labeled Fair Trade. More precisely, this Pachamama model is manufactured in La Paz by our partner craftsmen Olga and Edwin. We named our bag after the name of our artisan!

    Olga and Edwin have been working in leather for many years. Partner in life, as in their workshop, they have been with us in the manufacture of our Pachamama bags since the very beginning. Their workshop is adjacent to their home. So they work independently from home. This gives them the ability to manage their schedules at their convenience. And enjoy their families whenever they want.

    Our Pachamama tote bags are made entirely of leather. The leather we use is sourced locally in the Santa Cruz region of Bolivia. It is a vegetable tanned leather. This tanning process enables to make an elegant and solid leather. Moreover, this process responds to our desire to participate in a more ethical fashion.

      leather tote bag     


    As for our backpacks and weekend bags, we make our totes in an artisanal way. That is to say, our craftsmen make the products from beginning to end. On the one hand, this process helps maintain the know-how and skills of artisans. On the other hand, it guarantees a quality product. Indeed, our craftsmen know every step of manufacturing in every detail. So they can achieve them with meticulousness and precision. In addition, they are not subject to time and productivity constraints as when working in an assembly line in the factory. Therefore, if the craftsman misses a seam, he can take the time to do it again to be sure that it is well executed. Craftsmanship is an essential component of our project and we want to continue to promote it in the future.

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    We designed our tote bag so that it is functional on a daily basis. For example, the length of the handles has been carefully studied to wear it both on the arm and shoulder. Similarly, our leather tote has a generous capacity where you can put your files and a computer up to 15 inches. However, we have made sure that it is not too big either so that it does not eventually become too heavy with its content.

    Our leather tote bag offers several practical storage. In addition to the main compartment, there are additional pockets on each side of the bag. One closes with a zip for added security. The main opening of the bag also closes with a zip. So the contents of your bag remain safe and you can walk around in peace.

      leather totebag   

    Our Olga model has a waterproof inner lining to keep your belongings dry during an unexpected shower. Regarding the rain, it does not matter if your bag is in light rain and you can quickly get to safety. However, we advise you not to leave your bag for a long time in heavy rain. Over time, this will eventually damage the leather of your bag. For more information on the care of our leather bags, we recommend that you visit our care page.


    Our tote bag is versatile. It will suit businesswomen who want to carry their computer and some files in style. It will also be suitable for women who simply go for a walk with a few things and want to bring a touch of authenticity and elegance to their outfit with a nice leather bag.

    Side leather bands and a leather base make up the Olga tote bag. These elements contribute to the look of our tote bag. The Pachamama leather totes are both elegant and authentic. They will harmonize perfectly with your everyday style.

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    In addition, these leather elements allow the bag to hold well and the weight to spread well inside. Your bag is resistant and can withstand all your daily belongings. No fear of tearing it! It is the bag which adapts to you and not the other way around.

    The Olga bag will quickly become the essential accessory to complete your look at work, as on holiday!

    You can discover the technical characteristics of our bags directly on the product pages. You can also consult our shop to discover our entire collection. At Pachamama, we have been making leather bags and accessories for several years. We have gradually expanded our range with backpacks, bum bags and many other products. Come and discover them!

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