Trendy, light and functional, the Pachamama bum bag will quickly become your favorite everyday bag!

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    Our Pachamama bum bag is entirely handmade in Bolivia by a workshop labeled Fair Trade. You can easily use it on any occasion with its timeless and elegant design.

    At Pachamama, we want to develop products that you can keep all your life. That’s why we create strong products that will last over time. And timeless that you will never tire of!

    This is the case of our leather bum bag. As with our backpacks and handbags, we have designed a product with clean lines that is elegant and easy to use on a daily basis. It is also a bum bag that has character with its leather material and frank edge finishes. It give it a bohemian and vintage style.

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    Our leather bum bag is available in two colours: black leather and brown leather. Enough to satisfy all tastes! This will also allow you to harmonize your fanny pack according to the color of your outfit.

    The leather of our bum bags comes from Bolivia, where our products are made. It is a quality full grain leather that shines with its elegance and authenticity. Then, our leather craftsmen make the cuts, seams and assembly. So, after several hours of crafting, they finalize the design of your bum bags!

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    We made our model in useful dimensions so that it is practical on a daily basis. This way, you can easily store your everyday belongings. For example, you can put a small bottle of water or a pocket book.

    Our leather fanny pack consists of a main compartment and an additional inner pocket. This will allow you to compartmentalize your stuff. Just like our backpacks and handbags, we attach great importance to the functional aspect of our products. Indeed, we want to develop elegant and stylish products, but not only! Our products are also well thought and practical to make your daily life easier.

    Finally, our bum bags are equipped with a shoulder strap. This is one of the new features of bum bags currently on the market. Previously, they were worn on the belt using a clip. This system is out of fashion and the bum bags are now worn at the front of the bust, crossbody. Moreover, this new method is more functional and more secure. It allows you to keep your belongings close at hand to avoid theft.

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    The bum bag has become again in recent years a must. Many people who do not want to clutter themselves when they go for a walk opt for this bag model. And this is especially true for women. The reason is simple: the women’s fanny pack is increasingly used as a handbag. Indeed, it is now worn to shoulder with a shoulder strap. Bum bags also have larger dimensions than before for more capacity. The women’s fanny pack is therefore assimilated in every way to the handbag which explains its growing success.

    At Pachamama, we have always developed practical and elegant bags for your daily life in the city. As with our backpacks, this is one of the main features of our products. It seemed relevant to us to integrate a model of leather fanny pack in our range.

    In addition, the bum bag is quite complementary with a backpack or weekend bag. The backpack allows you to carry on your back your large size stuff such as the computer. The fanny pack, carried over the shoulder, allows you to safely keep your small items of greater value in front of your chest.

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    Thus, we designed a practical and stylish leather fanny pack, which harmonizes perfectly with our other products and our Pachamama universe. A bum bag you will love!


    To discover more details about our bum bags, go directly to the product pages. You can discover all the technical characteristics of the products. As well as many visuals to project yourself and choose your favorite model!

    If you want to know more about our Pachamama project, you can go on the Project tab in the main menu. We explain in detail our history and our vision of fashion. We also talk about our relationship with fair trade and ethical fashion. Indeed, through Pachamama, we want to take part in a more sustainable fashion and value the concept of slow fashion. Since the launch of our project, this component is essential and we want it to remain a pillar of our development!

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