How Pachamama project is born ?

    We are Juliette and Gaétan, the French founders of PACHAMAMA.

    In 2017, we travel to South America for several months and succumb to the charm of this continent, especially Bolivia.

    This is where we meet artisans with exceptional traditional skills. Among them, there is Celia. She introduces us to the universe of leather backpack, which she manufactures by hand – we’re dazzled.

    However we are reluctant to buy straight away; In fact several months of travel still await us and we fear that the bags will be damaged even before we return to France…

    But the seed is planted, and a strong desire sticks to us.

    On our way back to La Paz, we crack: it’s Juliette’s birthday, the perfect opportunity to offer her a backpack.

    This little bag went around the planet with us, carefully wrapped by Celia. It is only three months later that Juliette begins to carry it. It supported the journey well and kept all his shine. So much that we receive many compliments!

    This is how we come up with the idea of manufacturing a Bolivian handicraft backpack that everyone could enjoy, which combines quality and style. We refined the design, rethought dimensions and materials, and created PACHAMAMA.

    Today we are pleased to present you with our very first collection!

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    PACHAMAMA project launching

    The PACHAMAMA project was launched through a crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule participatory funding platform. This campaign allowed us to assess the viability of our project, raise the funds needed to begin our development and finance our first backpack production.

    In order to promote the project, we produced a presentation video in partnership with the audio-visual production agency Bangers.

    The Project

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    PACHAMAMA Project

    We create to embellish your routine, we create to make you travel!

    PACHAMAMA is a brand that ethically designs leather backpacks.

    Each backpack is manufactured entirely by hands in Bolivia based on high quality local raw materials.

    Our ambition is to develop a product range that celebrates local craftsmanship while combining it with urban and contemporary design.

    From purchasing materials to assembling models, we are committed to building a sustainable project. That’s why each backpack is designed with a reasoned approach in order to promote ethical fashion in the context of fair trade.

    At PACHAMAMA, that’s how we create sustainable backpacks with a timeless and confident style!


    PACHAMAMA is the “Goddess of the Earth” in Native American beliefs. She is the protective figure of nature and travelers.

    It perfectly symbolizes our desire to embody modern day explorers eager to discover, preserve and share the riches of the world around us.

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