Each backpack is made 100% by hand by a Bolivian leather craftsman. A whole day is needed to make a bag. Therefore Pachmama backpacks are precious and delicate accessories that must be treated as such!

    The use of natural materials such as leather can cause slight irregularities in the grain or in the hue. These shades contribute to the uniqueness of PACHAMAMA bags.

    Finally, velvet leather has been processed during its manufacturing process to fix the color. However, the velvet leather is fragile and can slightly lose its color when wet. We advise you to avoid:

    • Any contact with water
    • To use your bag during high heat
    • To use your bag for sports activities


    Here are some tips for maintaining your PACHAMAMA backpack:


    Regular waterproofing

    In order to preserve its beautiful color, we advise you to waterproof your bag before its first use and to repeat the operation regularly.


    No washing in machine

    Our bags are made of delicate materials. Thus, they are not suitable for machine washing. This could damage them and fade the colors.


    Care of the smooth leather

    We recommend you to brush your bag regularly to remove dust and dirt.

    To nourish the leather in depth, apply from time to time a cleansing cream with a white cloth. Let dry for at least an hour, then shine with a soft cloth to remove the cream that would have dried on the surface and make the leather of your bag shine.


    Care of velvet leather

    We recommend you to regularly brush your velvet leather bag with a soft brush to remove dust and dirt.

    To revive the glow of your bag, you can use a special velvet leather spray cleaner and spray evenly. Then let dry for at least an hour before carrying it again.

    In case of greater wear, you can use a special velvet leather renovator spray. It will bring color to your bag while protecting it.


    For any questions, please contact us at hello@pachamama-handcraft.com