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    Today, the urban backpack is increasingly popular. But why choose a backpack rather than another model of bags for city travel ?

    The backpack remains an essential urban accessory because it is practical and functional. To go to work, to stroll around town, it allows you to easily carry your laptop, your phone, your camera without cluttering !

    It is with this in mind that Pachamama developed its range of backpacks. They were designed for urban use. Pachamama has thinked them with many storage options to make them functional in your daily life. This practical aspect was done in parallel with a special attention to design and comfort.

        urban leather backpack   

    A functional urban backpack

    Pachamama paid attention to the technical aspects in designing its backpacks to make them as functional as possible.

    Internal storages:

    Joe and Gabi models have been made with a 15-inch computer compartment, to carry it in all your walks. Moreover, all backpacks have an internal zipped pocket to properly compartmentalize your belongings. Finally, your Pachamama backpack has an interior keychain to find them easily and avoid misplacing them.

      technical detail leather backpack    

    External storages:

    It is convenient to also have external storage on your backpack for easy access to your belongings. For example, each Pachamama backpack has one or two magnetically closed pockets at the front of the backpack. At the back of Joe and Gabi backpacks, you will also find a hidden zipped pocket to keep your belongings handy and safe!

           storage leather backpack pachamama     

    A comfortable urban backpack

    You walk around your city every day with your backpack? Whether you’re going to school or work, you’ll be carrying your backpack for many hours every day! Therefore, it is essential that your urban backpack is comfortable to wear.

    For this reason, Joe and Gabi backpacks have a back padding. This preserves your back and protects your computer from shocks. In addition, the straps on the Pachamama backpacks are adjustable to easily adjust the bag to your size. We have also lined the straps with velvet for optimal comfort.

               urban backpack pachamama     

    Finally, in the city, it is important to use a rain-resistant backpack to avoid any inconvenience. Therefore, Pachamama backpacks have a waterproof lining, which will allow you to keep your belongings dry in case of unexpected showers!

    Halfway between the technical backpack and the design backpack, the urban backpack remains an essential part of your city life that you must choose carefully. Come and discover the range of Pachamama urban backpacks in our eshop!

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