Are you looking for a women backpack? Discover our models of urban leather backpacks most popular with women!

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    At Pachamama, we have been making leather backpacks since the creation of our project. Over the years, we have developed a complete range of backpacks to meet all tastes and needs. So, if you are looking for a woman backpack for your daily life, we probably have what you need!

    Most of our backpacks are mixed and will fit both men and women. For example, our GABI and JOE backpacks.

    However, the size of our products can make them more masculine or feminine. For example, our LEO model is a small and very compact leather backpack. It is designed to carry a computer and stay light on a daily basis. It is therefore perfect for businesswomen who do not want to hassle.


    women leather backpack


    Similarly, the LOU backpack was designed as a handbag to carry on the back. It is a cute and bohemian small backpack. It has the same purpose as a handbag but with the advantage of leaving your hands free for more freedom. In short, a practical and elegant leather backpack for women, ideal for carrying just what you need everyday!



    Our women’s backpacks have several features that make them indispensable on a daily basis!


    First of all, they are made of leather. Either all smooth leather, or a combination of smooth leather and velvet leather. Leather is a durable and elastic material that can resist to heavy weight and shocks without tearing. Thanks to the characteristics of this material, we make strong backpacks that will last over time.

    Moreover, leather is a sober and elegant material. Our products are perfectly adapted to get you to work, walk around town, or go to your end of day activities! Thus, we offer you women’s leather backpacks, perfect for all your daily activities.


    small black backpack



    Our backpacks have been designed with many practical details. They will allow you to tidy up your belongings and juggle your various urban activities.

    To start, all of our backpacks come with a waterproof liner. In order to keep your stuff dry in case of unexpected showers.

    Then, our LEO, GABI and JOE backpacks feature computer storage to take it with you everywhere. You will also find a back zip pocket in these models. Ideal to keep some things easily accessible without having to open your backpack.


    women urban backpack


    Finally, we worked on the format and design of our bags so they remain comfortable, even when you carry many things. To do this, we have notably structured our backpacks with pieces of leather on the base, sides and back of the bags. Thus, the backpack does not deform and perfectly fits the shape of your back for optimal comfort in all circumstances.


    Regarding the size and capacity of our models, you will find what you are looking for!

    • The LOU backpack is a small backpack for women with a main pocket to put some things.
    • The LEO backpack is designed to accommodate a 13-inch computer, while being as small as possible. Its compact appearance is therefore ideal for nomad workers who want to travel light.


    women backpack


    • With its 18 litres capacity, the GABI backpack is a very good compromise. It allows you to carry your work stuff. Including a computer up to 15 inches in the dedicated compartment. And stuff for end-of-day activities, such as sports clothing for example.
    • For those who want even more capacity, we present the JOE backpack. You can put even more stuff in it. You can for example consider a 24-hour trip with clothes for the next day in the JOE model. Regarding the JOE backpack, we nevertheless advise you to check beforehand if it suits your size. Indeed, the JOE model having larger dimensions, it could appeal less to women of smaller sizes.


    big women backpack



    In general, leather can confer a bohemian style. Indeed, leather is an authentic and natural material, characteristics that are found in the bohemian trend.

    By derivation, this is also the case for our women backpacks. They are made of authentic leather with vegetable tanning, which gives them a bohemian style. Especially for our products composed of smooth leather and velvet leather, which brings an additional texture. Thus, our models will perfectly complement a bohemian outfit. In particular, our small backpack LOU. This small women’s leather backpack will be the ideal accessory to complete your look!


    bohemian woman backpack


    At Pachamama, we have acquired over time an experience that allows us to offer quality products adapted to your needs. You can find our entire collection on our eshop. Come and discover all our women’s leather backpacks!