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    Pachamama backpacks are characterized by a vintage and retro style. The result is a range of versatile backpacks : ideal for weekend adventures and elegant for office days.

    Origin of Pachamama vintage style

    The vintage style of Pachamama backpacks is linked to the manufacturing process. Each backpack is made entirely by hand by artisans in Bolivia. Thus, the manufacturing process transforms each piece into a unique creation and each backpack retains all its authenticity.

    Furthermore, leather has always been a material linked to vintage style. This material can be found on Pachamama backpacks : leather is mainly used on the outside of the different models. The vintage aspect is present in the variations of hues and textures which are natural characteristics of the material. These shades contribute to the uniqueness of Pachamama backpacks.

    The choice of cowhide allows us in particular to design a resistant and vintage backpack that will accompany you durably in your daily life. We choose every piece of leather with care in order to produce high quality products that will improve and acquire a beautiful patina over time.



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    What use for a Pachamama vintage backpack ?

    JOE and GABI backpack

    With plenty of storage, Joe and Gabi leather backpacks are perfect for a weekend trip in a city and strolling through the streets. He will be the perfect companion for the urban explorer you are.



    urban explorer pachamama



    In addition, the back structure of JOE and Gabi backpacks is made of smooth reinforced leather, which gives them great versatility. Thus, you can go with it to stroll around the city or walk in the forest on the weekend.



    leather backpack pachamama black



    LOU backpack

    The Lou model is perfectly adapted to the bohemian style. With its leather composition and vintage look, it is the ideal accessory to complete a bohemian look.

    Besides, how to easily adopt a bohemian look ? It is quite possible to adopt a bohemian style with classical clothes. To do this, simply choose the accessories that will complete your outfit. Thus, a beautiful aged jewel or a nice leather bag will do the trick. For example, the vintage Lou backpack will fit perfectly. Indeed, with its velvet look and natural colors, the Lou model will be perfectly adapted to your bohemian look.



    vintage backpack boho



    More than a trend, vintage is a different way of thinking about fashion. It is a style that fits into time and travel.

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