Are you looking for a backpack for men? Discover our models of urban leather backpacks most popular with men!

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    Nowadays, the backpack has become an essential accessory for anyone who travels on a daily basis. And men are no exception! The men backpack is today the most popular bag for men to go to work for example. And this is far from surprising.

    On the one hand, remote office is now the norm in most companies. So you have to be able to take your computer home. Therefore, the backpack with storage dedicated to the computer is your best ally. On the other hand, many men, regardless of their age, increasingly use urban mobilities. And whether by bike, scooter or motorcycle, the backpack is again your best companion! Indeed, it is the only bag that leaves your hands free and brings you the necessary balance with a good weight distribution on your back. All these reasons explain why the backpack for men is now a must and that you must at least have one in your wardrobe.


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    At Pachamama, we have been working for several years to design a coherent range of urban leather backpacks. Backpacks for men and women that are your best partners in all your urban activities. Thus, over time, we have gained experience allowing us to develop backpacks that truly meet your needs and expectations.

    We have designed relevant backpack models for urban use. Chosen suitable materials, such as leather, to make durable backpacks over time. Worked every detail so that your bags are the most practical and functional on a daily basis.


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    Among our various backpacks, the most popular models for men are the backpacks JOE, GABI and LEO.

    The LOU backpack, because of its small size, is rather a women’s backpack because it may seem too small on the back of a man. Nevertheless, it is a mixed backpack, also chosen from time to time by men according to their need.

    First of all, our backpacks LEO, GABI and JOE appeal to men by their practicality. They all consist of a computer compartment lined with padding to protect it. There is also a zip pocket and a key ring inside each model to properly compartmentalize your belongings.


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    On the back of our urban backpack is a zippered pocket hidden in the leather piece. This pocket is very useful because it allows you to keep important things close to you such as a notebook or passport without opening your backpack. While keeping them safe from wandering hands in your back.


    Then, the use of leather in the manufacture of our backpacks allows us to offer you high quality and durable products. We use thick, vegetable-tanned leather. We source it directly in Bolivia where we realize all our products in a fair trade framework. Thus, with this leather, we want to design durable backpacks for men that will accompany you for a long time.


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    This leather also brings structure to the backpack and allows it to maintain itself well. So, even empty, your backpack keeps its shape and is still visually stylish! Besides the aesthetic aspect, this structure also allows the bag to better position itself on your back. Wearing your Pachamama backpack is particularly comfortable, and you can walk without difficulty for a long time.

    You will have understood, we worked on our men backpacks so they are as practical and comfortable as possible. They have the same characteristics and are therefore differentiated by their size and aesthetics. The bigger the backpack, the more capacity you will have to put more stuff. The computer compartment is also larger on larger backpacks. You can refer directly to the product pages to know the computer dimensions hosted by each of our leather backpacks.

    As for aesthetics, we tell you more below.


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    All our men’s backpacks are made of leather. There are two types of models:

    • Backpacks entirely designed in smooth leather
    • Backpacks designed in smooth leather and nubuck

    The first are particularly elegant and sober. Leather is a noble material and this gives a refined look to these backpacks. They are also more classic and more discreet. Thus, they are easily usable in any circumstance.

    The latter are just as elegant but more apparent with their colorful part. Indeed, the nubuck part is colored and contrasts harmoniously with the smooth brown leather. Thus, these models seduce men who want to put more color to their outfit thanks to their backpack.

    In both cases, our men’s leather backpacks are stylish and ready to be used for all your urban activities. Moreover, due to their shape and the materials used, our backpacks have a timeless style that will allow you to continue using them for many years. Come and discover them on our shop!


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