We are happy to unveil our range of leather handbags! Composed of NOA, ALBA and OLGA, you have the choice between several shapes, colors and sizes of handbags. Enough to satisfy all your desires!

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    We have designed our collection of Pachamama handbags to meet all your needs. Depending on your daily activities and your tastes, you will surely find your happiness among one of our models NOA, ALBA or OLGA!

    We tell you more about our different models below.


    leather handbag



    All our handbags are entirely made of leather. Indeed, they consist either exclusively of smooth leather or smooth leather and nubuck. Nubuck is a velvet leather. For example, it is the coloured part on the flaps of some ALBA handbags.

    The leather we use in the making of our handbags is quality leather. We select it directly in Bolivia, where we manufacture our products. More generally, all the raw materials used in the manufacture of our handbags come from Bolivia. Thus, we want to promote the local economy and operate in short circuit. This approach meets our desire to produce more ethically.


    leather tote bag



    The small model NOA is a sophisticated handbag with square format and silver metal parts. It is intended for urban use, both during the day and in the evening. So you can put your essentials and go for a light ride! Its fluid lines and clean design give it a resolutely modern style.



    The ALBA handbag is our most versatile model. Its slightly larger capacity allows you to take all your belongings with you. Water bottle, pocket book, nothing resists him! And yet, it remains compact and discreet. With its half-moon format and aged gold metallic pieces, the ALBA handbag has a bohemian and timeless look. Easy to harmonize with all outfits, if you had to keep only one, it might be him!


    woman leather handbag



    Finally, the OLGA tote bag completes this trio. Our leather tote bag is the most functional with its large size and interior storage. So you can easily put your files and your computer there to go to work. Moreover, its style entirely in leather without visible metal part makes it elegant and sober. Perfect to complete a chic or dressed outfit!

    This range fits perfectly into the Pachamama universe and harmonizes with our existing collection. In particular, our three handbags come in several colors. Green, night blue, carmine red: we use the same colors as for our backpacks for a perfect harmony between all your products. Similarly, the smooth black and brown leathers are the same as for our other products.


    leather tote bag



    Our artisan partner Edwin realizes with his team our handbags in a fair trade framework in La Paz, Bolivia. Edwin has been with us since the very beginning of our Pachamama project. Indeed, his work, artisanal and family, corresponds perfectly to our vision of the manufacture of our products. That is to say a healthy and human manufacture for ethical, authentic and quality handbags.


    ethical handbag


    In this case, for the development of this range of leather handbags, Edwin called on his brother-in-law to support him as a leather craftsman and carry out the manufacturing steps with him.

    After two years of preliminary studies, we validated together the latest prototypes, then selected the best materials in local tanneries and launched the first manufacturing.

    We are proud to offer today this range of ethical handbags made under fair trade conditions. Both elegant and authentic, our leather handbags will quickly become your new daily companions.


    bum bag



    Our Pachamama handbags have gradually become essential pieces of our collection. To become some of the best sellers! For example, our brown leather tote bag is now very popular with women. For businesswomen looking for a bag that is both elegant and solid to put all their files, it meets all the criteria. Similarly, we meet more and more often women with our handbag Alba black leather, the ideal companion of everyday life.

    Initially, our community knows Pachamama for backpacks. Indeed, these are the first products that we have marketed and that are still very successful. Then we diversified our range. We have completed it with collections of weekend bags, handbags, bum bags and leather goods accessories.


    leather bum bag


    Today, Pachamama offers a complete range of leather bags and accessories to meet all needs and tastes. And our handbags are no exception. With a range that continues to expand to meet a growing demand of women seduced by our models!

    Don’t know the story of our Pachamama project yet? Come and discover it on our website. We explain in particular how Juliette and Gaétan decided to launch their project after a trip to South America.

    Finally, you can also discover our entire collection on our shop!