Choosing your urban backpack

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    Choosing your urban backpack


    Over time, the urban backpack has become a must-have accessory. Indeed, the backpack first responds to a need for utility and practicality that is difficult to fill with other luggage.

    On the one hand, the backpack, when properly arranged with well thought storage, allows to carry in a simple and efficient way many belongings. On the other hand, its positioning on the back provides balance and comfort, unlike many bags such as saddlebags, shopping bags, which are unsuitable for carrying large loads and responsible for many body pains!

    Finally, to complete the picture, we find nowadays backpacks with cool and elegant design that makes it a vital accessory!


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    The urban backpack: a bit of history

    The ancestor of the backpack is known as a knapsack, it was first used in a military setting. Then, the term backpack gradually appeared in the 20th century. It was primarily for sporting use that it became popular in civilian life.

    The first urban backpacks appear the 1970s in the USA and 1980 in France. So yes, it is a recent concept! Given the immediate success of the backpack thanks to its practical and functional aspect, it is quickly adopted by students and replaces the traditional schoolbag. Adults are not left out! Thanks to its comfortable appearance and its benefits for the back, it quickly becomes a must to carry files and office affairs in place of the traditional briefcase and handbag.

    Nowadays the backpack is used in many daily activities, as soon as they require to carry belongings while keeping the hands free. This is how the backpack has become an integral and fundamental accessory of our everyday life!

    Finally, beyond all practical considerations, the backpack has also become a cool and trendy fashion accessory essential to your wardrobe!


    The urban backpack: the criteria to take into consideration

    After a period of decline, the backpack returns to the spotlight today. Long reserved for teens and young adults, it is now essential for all age categories. The reason for this regain of favor? Combine the initial practicality of the backpack with an appealing design and you get the perfect recipe for an elegant and refined backpack! Ideal to go to the office with style and show confidence in front of your manager.

    In the context of increasing popularity of backpacks, it is not always easy to decide among the multitude of choices. So what are the criteria to take into consideration?


    A practical and functional backpack

    The main characteristic of the backpack is to be practical. So if it’s not the case, go on your way! It is useful for an urban backpack to own a computer storage, the main working tool nowadays. No need in our opinion to go beyond 14/15 inches. Are you really going to carry your 17 inch computer with you? We don’t recommend to do so given its weight and lack of portability. A zipped and secure outside storage is also valuable for quick access to your belongings while keeping them away from prying eyes. This space will allow you to place your wallet and your keys into your backpack safely. On the other hand interior storage is always welcome!

    Finally, in the city, it is recommended to have a urban backpack resistant to rain to avoid any inconvenience. It doesn’t have to be completely waterproof as you will always find a safe space in case of unforeseen showers.


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    We see you coming, your urban backpack is not well suited to go on a 6 months trip. We agree, each backpack has its usefulness. Nevertheless, if you can combine several uses with a single product, it is still a significant asset. Thus, adaptability can become an important argument in choosing your urban backpack. For example, check the capacity of the different models. If your backpack allows you to put your office folders and sports gear for your crossfit session or early evening yoga, this is a plus.

    If your backpack is stylish enough to carry it to the office and sturdy enough for a forest walk, it is also a plus.


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    A comfortable backpack

    A good backpack must be comfortable. Imagine: you will use your backpack for many hours every day to carry your files, you don’t want to hurt your back. And if you invest in a backpack and not in a handbag, a shopping bag or other luggage, it is already a good step, so do not stop there! The must-have for any backpack is to include a back pad. This will ensure optimal comfort and at the same time protect your computer from shocks. Wide and adjustable straps are also an important matter to ensure the proper balance of your bag.


    Leather backpack


    What material for your urban backpack ?

    It is difficult to give a specific opinion on the material as it depends on the tastes and desires of each individual! The main advice we can give you is to choose a resistant material. You will use your backpack regularly and potentially carry large loads. It would be unfortunate that your backpack tears apart at the first opportunity!

    Then the selection of the material will probably be linked to the choice of a particular style. For example, there are nylon urban backpacks, they are usually related to a more technical style. A cheaper polyester backpack will refer to a more streetwear style for teens. Finally, opting for a leather backpack is usually the choice of elegance or retro style.


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    Design of your urban backpack

    As we said before for materials, design depends on your tastes! Nevertheless, we can tell you objectively that retro style and vintage backpacks are currently really trendy. The advantage being that they are generally leather models, elegant, relatively timeless and that will improve over time.


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    Ethical approach

    At Pachamama, we are particularly sensitive to the ethical and responsible approach of brands.

    In a society where we are increasingly concerned about the environment and the well-being of people, it is important for individuals to include this aspect in the choice of their backpack.

    Thus, a backpack brand can apply this approach for example in opting for materials respectful of the environment. It can also be materialized by an innovative social policy respectful of working conditions and remunerations of artisans. For this, you can rely on existing labels that certify the ethical steps of brands.



    As a mix of practicality and elegance, the urban backpack is an essential accessory in your city life and must be carefully chosen. We hope this article will be useful in your research and will allow you to finalize your decision! If you want to see more pictures of urban backpack, you can visit our Instagram page! At Pachamama, we produce urban leather backpacks. Find all our models in our shop!


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