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    When do you ask customers their opinions?

    We send you a request for a review one month after receiving your order! This gives you time to wear and form an opinion about your new favorite bag:) Then we publish the reviews the next week.

    In January 2021, when we started customer reviews on our site, we asked their feedback to all our existing customers. Some people already had their bags for several months. Their reviews will allow you to know how our products age and to have an idea of the quality of our bags in the long term.


    Where are customer reviews ?

    Customer reviews appear on product pages, in the ‘REVIEWS’ tab.

    Reviews are published by product category. For example, when a review is published on the backpack “GABI Anthracite”, this review will also appear on the product pages “GABI Carmin” or “GABI Black”.


    Do you ask customers their review for every order?

    Yes. Collecting reviews from our customers allows us to know their feedback on our products. Thanks to these feedbacks, we can:

    • Give more personalized response to each customer. And this point is essential because the support of our customers in their purchase and their satisfaction is essential for us.
    • Better understand the expectations of our customers to know how to improve our products.

    Moreover, our wish through customer reviews is to allow new visitors to be better informed about our products. And in particular to present answers to potential questions that he would have.

    Thus, these reviews allow a better understanding of the products for new visitors. They are a guarantee of credibility and quality for our Pachamama products !


    How do I know if the published reviews are from real customers and have not been modified?

    Since the creation of Pachamama, we want to build our project in a reasoned way and always in consultation with you. Thus, our transparency and the trust you place in us are the only elements that assure you of the veracity of customer reviews! We therefore give you our word 🙂

    pachamama customer review

    MAGALI Review,

    GABI kaki backpack


    « I have a new bag and my cat a new box!


    I am delighted with my purchase, the bag is as beautiful as the picture. It has an authentic look that goes quite well with my feminine and urban style, it is robust and has a good capacity which allows me to travel for the weekend with.


    And I would like to add that the communication was very good with the team who answered me immediately when I contacted them to find out when the delivery was.


    In short, an ethical, beautiful and solid bag ! »