Choosing your weekend bag

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    Choosing your weekend bag

    Nowadays, it is more and more common to go on a getaway for a few days to rest and get out of your daily life. You prepare your travel bag for an extended weekend and let’s go for the adventure. And at Pachamama, we totally adhere!

    Indeed, in our society, which is sometimes demanding (and sometimes a bit stressful!), more and more people are happy to spend a relaxing weekend in order to change air. And they are right! A little letting go has never hurt anyone. On the contrary, it will allow you to recharge your batteries and come back in good shape for the new week ahead.

    The choice of the weekend bag

    Whether it’s a weekend in the countryside or a city trip in a city in Europe, every opportunity is good to take your weekend bag and escape for a few days. But unfortunately, this moment of pleasure sometimes turns into a pain because you have not chosen the right material! And your travel bag is totally unsuitable for your trip.

    That’s why, in order not to spoil your weekend of relaxation, we decided to explain you all the criteria to take into account in order to well choose the faithful companion which will follow you in all your weekends!


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    The criteria to well choose your weekend bag

    Versatility of the weekend bag

    The first criterion to take into account is the versatility of your weekend bag. Indeed, not all weekend bags are intended for the same use. It would be a shame if you choose one that does not meet your needs. On the other hand, it will become a big advantage if you can use your bag in several situations.

    Define your need

    At this point, it is therefore very important to define your need and the use you will make of your travel bag!

    The backpack can possibly be a solution provided it has a large capacity or you travel light! For example, our leather backpack model JOE, with a capacity of 23 litres, will be suitable for a two or three day getaway while traveling light.

    Similarly, we voluntarily decide not to talk about suitcases here for several reasons. On the one hand because it does not seem suitable for an extended weekend. Often large and bulky, the suitcase will rather be preferred for long stays of a week or more. On the other hand, for a matter of style. A travel bag has more allure than a suitcase for a weekend trip!

    Let’s go back to the travel bags 🙂 First of all, think about the capacity of your bag. There are travel bags for 24, 48, or 72 hours. That is to say, larger or smaller bags that will allow you to store your belongings for a duration of one, two or three days. It’s up to you how long you usually go.


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    The choice of transport

    Think also of the transports you will take. For example, if you are flying, it is essential that the size of your weekend bag is compatible with the current carry-on bag size. You don’t leave for long, so you don’t want to waste 1 hour at the airport to collect your baggage! Moreover, it seems that airlines are increasingly vigilant with hard cabin cases and that they regularly redirect them to the luggage compartment because they are too bulky. The weekend bag, by definition soft and malleable, does not encounter this problem and is always accepted in the cabin.

    Finally, think carefully about the style and materials of your travel bag. If it is elegant enough, like a leather weekend bag for example, you can easily use it to go on a business trip with your colleagues. We’ll tell you more about the style and the materials below.

    A functional WEEKEND bag

    Your weekend bag must also be practical and functional in order to move easily and quickly find your belongings.

    Thus, it is advisable to have one or two pockets directly accessible to the outside of the bag. This will allow you to quickly grab your passport if you are at the airport, your train ticket or any other personal item. If the outside pockets are secured by a magnet or zip, it’s better. Interior storage is also useful for compartmentalizing your belongings.

    Your weekend bag should have wide handles to carry it easily by hand. In addition, brands generally provide a removable and adjustable shoulder strap to carry your travel bag to the shoulder. Make sure it comes with. Finally, for those who fear the weight of the bag, there are also models with wheels, but for a question of style, we advise against it.

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    Finally, to avoid any inconvenience, it is important to prefer a travel bag that resists the rain. A waterproof lining is enough to protect your belongings inside. If the rain continues you will find a place where you can take refuge.

    What materials for your travel bag?

    Choosing the material for your travel bag is essential because it usually determines the quality and strength of your bag. Thus, a leather weekend bag will always be more robust than a fabric weekend bag.

    Some fabrics are quite resistant but overall, if you put important loads in your travel bag repeatedly, it is advisable to opt for a robust material like leather. This will give your bag a longer life.

    The leather bag

    If your weekend bag is not entirely made of leather, choose it at least with a leather base. This will provide overall support to your bag and the load will be distributed better inside. On the other hand, it will prevent the bag from tearing from underneath. Finally, you can put it on the ground without fear of damaging it.

    The choice of a leather weekend bag, according to us, is the choice of a durable, resistant and elegant bag that you will keep for a long time. Especially as the leather of your bag will get patina and improve over time. Finally, a leather travel bag is the most indicated in terms of versatility. Indeed, it will accompany you both in your personal weekends and your professional trips.


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    In addition to the quality and strength of your weekend bag, the material also determines the style of your bag. Thus, we will see below that depending on the tastes of each person, the design and the material of a travel bag may vary.

    The LOOK of your weekend bag

    The design of a bag is above all a matter of taste! Thus, the shape, color or material decided by the brand will give a particular style to the weekend bag and will influence your choice. We can therefore only encourage you to see several travel bags in order to refine your tastes and select the style that you like the most.

    Some will linger on models with a minimalist style while others will prefer more technical models with many storage spaces. Some will be interested in urban-style and streetwear weekend bags, while others will prefer leather travel bags with a retro or adventurous style.

    Generally speaking, the choice of a leather weekend bag is usually the choice of elegance. These models are relatively timeless and will improve over time. So you are investing in time!


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    An ethical travel bag

    Finally, it seems important to us to take into account the ethical commitment of the brand as the last criterion before making your final choice.

    Today, consumers are increasingly sensitive to the impact of brands on social and environmental levels. And they are right!

    Brand engagement can be social or environmental, or better, both. Social engagement generally results in respectful partnerships with stakeholders. Especially with the artisans in charge of the fabrication of the weekend bags. Environmental commitment can materialize in the choice of eco-friendly materials. This may also result in the introduction of devices to compensate for the pollution emitted.

    At Pachamama, we want to develop a responsible and ethical project. That’s why all our weekend bags are made by artisans working in fair trade conditions. We tell you more here about the fabrication of our weekend bags. The newspaper L’info Durable also wrote a nice article about our Pachamama project and our approach.


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    weekend Bag : Conclusion

    Thus, the choice of a weekend bag is not easy and requires a little thought. We hope this article will help you refine your search to select the travel companion of your dreams!

    At Pachamama, we make weekend leather bags. You can discover our different models in our online shop!

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