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    Pachamama backpacks are mostly composed of leather. Leather material gives a retro and trendy style to Pachamama backpacks. This material also gives them an elegant style for working days.

    We tell you everything about the manufacturing process :

    Sustainable Leather

    The leather that we use comes from Bolivian cows. Indeed, our desire is to buy local raw materials and focus on small markets to participate in the Bolivian economy and minimize our environmental impact. Moreover, leather used for Pachamama backpacks comes from cows only dedicated to food.

    Leather we use is a qualitative and robust cow leather that will last a long time. And that’s why we chose it, because we want to incorporate Pachamama Project in a responsible and sustainable approach. That means for Pachamama: offer resistant backpacks and accessories that will accompany you durably throughout your daily life.



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    Entirely composed of cow leather, two different types of leather are distinguished on a Pachamama leather backpack:

    • Smooth cow leather
    • Velvet cow leather with a silky look

    Smooth Leather

    Smooth leather is the classic leather as we traditionnaly know. We use it in Pachamama backpacks for the base, as well as shoulder straps, front pockets and the main flap. Its brown hue is specifically defined for Pachamama backpacks.



    pachamama leather backpack



    Velvet leather

    Velvet leather with a silky look, makes up the central part of Pachamama backpacks. This type of leather can come from external surface of the skin. The skin is sanded to give it a velvety look, this material is called Nubuck leather. Velvet leather can also come from internal surface of the skin. Similarly, the skin is sanded to give it a velvety look, this material is called Suede leather. The two materials are quite similar and Pachamama uses both to make the leather backpacks. Then, we dye the leather to get different colors. This gives the different backpacks in the Pachamama range!

    It is smooth leather, robust and rigid, that gives the shape to the backpacks. Conversely, velvet leather is more supple. Its flexibility allows it to take more varied positions and to be exposed to light in different ways. This characteristic is at the origin of beautiful variations of shades depending on the brightness, which gives all their beauty to the Pachamama backpacks!



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    At Pachamama, this is how we create sustainable backpacks with a timeless style!

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